Management Meeting + Sgraffito in Troyes


The last group meeting was meant to finalise all necessary documents and the website. We learnt a new technique - sgraffito. Although the materials and working process was similar to fresco painting, the new design appeared by scratching the marble coating off and creating a contrast between the two layers. All were fascinated by the model and the result.

Furthermore, the last agreements were done to finance all expenses and to fit the project regulations. Finally, we worked out the syllabuses of fresco painting on tiles and graphic design courses.

During the week we had a very good recognition in the public, as the working space was open to everyone, we were inveted to the mayor, a TV report has been produced and above all the Polish consul visited us.

The meeting was very moving and emotional as we realized that it was the last of a 3-years- project which let us become friends beyond the project and preserves the ancient technique of fresco painting in the 21st century in four European countries.

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